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We are a non-profit initiative equipping young people with biblical knowledge and livelihood skills so that they will escape occurrences of dire poverty, famine, starvation and death.

We arm them with the sword which is the Word of God to strengthen them for a pure Christian walk.

To be the most effective

ministry in mentoring the young generation to take the biggest harvest for Christ

(Matt 9:36)




To be at the helm of equipping

the young generation with

biblical knowledge and

virtues to revive the Christian

moral fiber of zero tolerance

to the corruption of the

flesh, servanthood leadership

.and selfless service to man


                                                                                                                                      Our work is based on a holistic

                                                                                            triangular / “3D model” which is                                                                                                  explained through three                                                                                                              programs. They include; Divine                                                                                                  Altar, Divine Academy and Divine



3d model.png

Divine Altar entails the following activities;

  • Conducting community Bible study outreaches, fellowships, seminars and competitions between the youths.

  • Supporting youth to access free Bibles.

  • Promoting the Bible Literacy Campaign.

  • Supporting mentored youths to form community a peer evangelism-influencer Body of Christ.

  • Guidance and Counselling.

  • Conducting and inducting Bible study.                                                             

Divine livelihoods

      One of our visions is to plant two million trees.

These will consist of one million edible fruit trees and one million

other wild tree species.

Our activities include;

  • Environmental conservation through tree planting (both fruit

bearing and non- fruit bearing trees).

  • Elderly, Children and women empowerment through

entrepreneurship trainings.

  • Provision of seed capital to the youth inform of poultry,

piggery, goat and sheep keeping.

Divine Academy

Divine Academy is a school that was established on 2nd February, 2015.

The school started with 46 children and has grown to a population of 247 children to date.

The school provides curricular in formal educational and other co-curricular activities,

delivered mainly through sports, environmental conservation campaigns, music, dance and drama. 


Core Values

  • Integrity

  • Excellence

  • Responsibility

  • Love

  • Respect

  • Practicality

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